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Science fun!

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Experimenting with taste.

This week we have been looking at the senses and in particular taste!

We talked about our mouths and were able to name the different parts of it such as tongue, taste buds, palete, saliva glands and others.

After this we did an experiment to see which things we could taste between something which is sweet, salty, sour and bitter.  The children were extemely brave and not one child refused to try one of the  taste test items.

We used Sugar, Lemon juice, Coffee (Decaffinated), salt.

Their faces were brilliant as we tried them.

Just look at our pictures!!

Lights, Camel, Action!

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Weren’t we fabulous!

Beech class thoroughly enjoyed their two wonderful performances of Lights, Camel, Action for the Key Stage 1 nativity 2017!  There were BIG smiles all round, what a wonderful celebration!

The children thoroughly immersed themselves into the spirit of the performance.  They sang their hearts out and showed us some very funky moves!

What was your favourite song?  Mine was definitely The Funky Camel but a close second was the amazing Disco Star!

Beech class had the important roles of main choir, instrumentalists, line dancers and ballerina angels.  They were all fantastic and have been practicing so hard to make these performances special.

Thank you to you, the wonderful parents who sorted costumes and for coming to support the performances.  You must be so proud of your children, as I am overwhelmingly proud as their teacher!

Big thanks to Mrs Fisher for making props and sorting costumes and to Miss Walton for revising the script and songs!  It all worked perfectly!

We’re almost their…the children are all getting tired. Let’s get through the next few days together before we all enjoy a well deserved rest (?!) over Christmas.  Well done everybody!

Christmas Lunch!

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What an exciting lunch time…crackers, crowns and a delicious meal!

Children, Staff and Governors enjoyed a Christmas meal together.  So much fun!

The countdown to Christmas has begun!

Where’s My Hug?

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Beech Class with author Tim Milner and Illustrator Tania Sneesby

We were lucky enough to have author Tim Milner and Illustrator Tania Sneesby in school to launch their wonderful book ‘Where’s My Hug?’  Tim spoke to the children about his inspiration for the story coming from something his daughter said to him when he got home from work.

Tania showed the children how she created the illustrations for the book using her talents as a textile artist combined with a photographer to add the magical touches to bring the story to life.

The children had the chance to ask questions about skills for writing, how the illustrations were created and also shared their own ideas for writing with Tim and Tania.

Thank you to our very talented visitors for sharing the story and giving us your time, we all feel very inspired now!



Haverthwaite Railway with a very special guest…

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Beech and Holly Class enjoyed a wonderful day at Haverthwaite Railway in the Lake District.

As part of our topic ‘Around the world in 80 Days’ we went to Haverthwaite to enjoy a ride to The Lakeside aboard a traditional Steam train.  We enjoyed singing Christmas songs along the way and we were surprised by a very special guest…can you guess who?

We were shown the way to our carriage and got ourselves comfy.

“Eye spy with my little eye, something beginning with S…!”  Ho Ho Ho!

Santa arrived! He took the time to talk to all the children and told them not to forget a mince pie or two on christmas eve with a glass of milk and a carrot for the reindeer.

All the children told Santa that they had been very good girls and boys, Mrs O’Donnell confirmed this to be absolutely true!

What lucky girls and boys!  Everyone received a gift from Father Christmas and remembered to say a big thank you!

After getting our presents, we all enjoyed a merry sing along with Santa!  We sang lots of different songs… When Santa got stuck up the chimney, Rockin’ around the Christmas tree, Jingle bells, Incy Wincy Spider – The Christmas version! The Reindeer Pokey (a version of The Hokey Pokey!) but to name a few!

Mrs O’Donnell’s favourite song was definitely The reindeer pokey!

What was your favourite song girls and boys of Beech Class?

We enjoyed lunch with a beautiful view at the southern tip of Lake Windermere.  We were blessed with perfect weather for our day out.

Mrs Graham and Mrs O’Donnell got into the festive spirit and enjoyed singing the Christmas songs and playing the instruments too!

We got off the train at The Lakeside to stretch our legs, have a look at the boats and go to the toilet!

Time for Beech Class to say ‘Cheeeese!’

Our journey ended after lunch but we all enjoyed our special Christmas journey on the steam train.

The children…and some staff enjoyed exerting some energy in the play area before the coach came to pick us up.

Mrs Graham…!


Smiles all round from Beech Class after a wonderful day at Haverthwaite!  Mrs O’Donnell was very proud of all the children, they were all brilliantly behaved!

We even spotted a diesel train just before we left!  Mrs Fisher went to investigate and confirm our sightings!

Thank you Haverthwaite for a wonderful day!

Thank you to all our Beech class staff too – Mrs Graham, Mrs Fisher, Ms Winstanley, Mrs Yeh and Mrs Martin.  Your help was so greatly appreciated.  I hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as the children!  A big thank you also to Miss Walton for helping to arrange the trip for both classes!

Children In Need 2017

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We were all so excited to come to school ready to raise money for Children In Need.  Some of us were dressed in spots, some wearing our Pudsey ears and some of us even got our face painted with spots!

After lunch, Beech class joined the whole school in the hall where Mrs Thomas announced that we were lucky enough to have a very important visitor!

We could not believe it when who should walk into the hall…?

PUDSEY BEAR!  We were all so surprised and cheered so loudly it hurt the Teacher’s ears!

Mrs Thomas presented Pudsey with a big cheque for all the money that we had raised at school for Children In Need and she even gave Pudsey a big hug!

Afterwards, we all practiced ‘The Dab’.  Don’t we all look great!


Mrs Thomas even showed us how to ‘Dab’ with Pudsey Bear!  This made everyone cheer the loudest!

At the end, Pudsey had his photograph taken with the whole school!  We had so much fun with Pudsey and think he promotes such a wonderful charity helping to raise money for Children In Need!


Beech Garage

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Today we had the grand opening of our new role play area, Beech Garage!

Mrs Fisher has been working so hard to get it ready and set it all up, we are even going to have a car to paint with wheels to fix on with nuts and bolts!  Thank you Mrs Fisher xx


Mrs Thomas was invited to cut the ribbon at our grand opening!

The children have loved playing in it today!


Remembrance Day

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In readiness for our Remembrance commemorations at The Cenotaph, the children were busy making their own poppies out of red fabric, netting and black pom poms!  They showed great fine motor skills and perseverance to each create their own poppy to go on a class wreath.

Mrs Fisher and Mrs Graham worked really hard to assemble the wreath…doesn’t it look fantastic!  It’s hard to believe that it started out as 3 yellow sponges!

On Friday 11th November we walked with the whole school up to The Cenotaph at St. John’s Church.

Unfortunately we were greeted with really heavy rain and so our Commemoration service took place inside the Church.  Harley and Adelaide were chosen to represent Beech Class and lay down our class wreath at the front of the church.  They did a super job and were very respectful.

Each class created their own poppy wreath to place down at the memorial.  They all looked beautiful.

The service was beautiful and very moving.

In the afternoon our school hall was filled with parents, Grandparents and visitors from our local community.

Beech class had worked hard with Mrs O’Donnell to practice singing the song ‘It’s a long way to Tipperary!’

We performed this on the stage to everyone in the hall and sounded AMAZING! We all had smiles on our faces and even had some actions to go with our song.  We all thoroughly enjoyed it and Mrs O’Donnell was extremely proud!

Well done Beech Class!

Half Term!!!

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Well what a wonderful but very long half term we have had. Eight weeks in and we feel that the children in Beech Class have been a real credit to you their parents, the school and themselves.  They have worked so hard and they are really enjoying their learning. Although we must say that not surprisingly the children are all very tired!  In fact I walked in and this is what they were doing!


I think you’ll agree they deserve to have a lovely rest in the holidays.

When they come back I’m sure this is how they will be…


Wide awake and ready for another fun filled half term of learning.

Enjoy your holidays.

Mrs Graham

The Creation Story.

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Here in Beech Class we have been looking at the story of creation in R.E.

We have talked lots about what God created and on which days he did this.  The children have ordered the story in their books and we looked at how God believes we are all creative.  The children were set a challenge to ‘create’ something.  They had free choice and they came up with all sorts of different and wonderful things.

Have a look at these pictures.

“I made a racing car.”

“I made a beautiful rainbow.”

“I painted an apple tree.”

“I wrote a song!”

A few girls decided together to create a rainbow outside on the floor using the large chalks.  They worked together to create it and it went around the outside of the classroom.  Well done girls.

I have created a space ship.

What wonderful creators we have in Beech Class.

We also all went outside to wonder at God’s creation.  It was a cloudy day but we saw many wonderful things.

Just look at what we saw!

This lovely flower had tiny perfectly formed drops of water left over from the rain.

This woodlouse was so fast we nearly missed him. That’s why he is blurry!

These gorgeous blue/purple flowers give a lovely splash of colour to our playground.

The sky was dark and stormy and we could see that the clouds were lots of different colours of grey. Somebody said they thought it looked like it was going to rain.

This rare sight of a bee on a tree. He stayed very still while we took his picture.

This very dramatic picture was taken just as the sun was trying to break through the dark clouds.  The children thought it looked very strange but also amazing.

We all agreed that God has created many great things and it was hard to say which was our favourite. One of the choices was ‘us’!  I think that was a wonderful answer.  Well done Beech Class you have all been very thoughtful and considerate of others opinions during this R.E. topic.