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The Creation Story.

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Here in Beech Class we have been looking at the story of creation in R.E.

We have talked lots about what God created and on which days he did this.  The children have ordered the story in their books and we looked at how God believes we are all creative.  The children were set a challenge to ‘create’ something.  They had free choice and they came up with all sorts of different and wonderful things.

Have a look at these pictures.

“I made a racing car.”

“I made a beautiful rainbow.”

“I painted an apple tree.”

“I wrote a song!”

A few girls decided together to create a rainbow outside on the floor using the large chalks.  They worked together to create it and it went around the outside of the classroom.  Well done girls.

I have created a space ship.

What wonderful creators we have in Beech Class.

We also all went outside to wonder at God’s creation.  It was a cloudy day but we saw many wonderful things.

Just look at what we saw!

This lovely flower had tiny perfectly formed drops of water left over from the rain.

This woodlouse was so fast we nearly missed him. That’s why he is blurry!

These gorgeous blue/purple flowers give a lovely splash of colour to our playground.

The sky was dark and stormy and we could see that the clouds were lots of different colours of grey. Somebody said they thought it looked like it was going to rain.

This rare sight of a bee on a tree. He stayed very still while we took his picture.

This very dramatic picture was taken just as the sun was trying to break through the dark clouds.  The children thought it looked very strange but also amazing.

We all agreed that God has created many great things and it was hard to say which was our favourite. One of the choices was ‘us’!  I think that was a wonderful answer.  Well done Beech Class you have all been very thoughtful and considerate of others opinions during this R.E. topic.