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Lights, Camel, Action!

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Weren’t we fabulous!

Beech class thoroughly enjoyed their two wonderful performances of Lights, Camel, Action for the Key Stage 1 nativity 2017!  There were BIG smiles all round, what a wonderful celebration!

The children thoroughly immersed themselves into the spirit of the performance.  They sang their hearts out and showed us some very funky moves!

What was your favourite song?  Mine was definitely The Funky Camel but a close second was the amazing Disco Star!

Beech class had the important roles of main choir, instrumentalists, line dancers and ballerina angels.  They were all fantastic and have been practicing so hard to make these performances special.

Thank you to you, the wonderful parents who sorted costumes and for coming to support the performances.  You must be so proud of your children, as I am overwhelmingly proud as their teacher!

Big thanks to Mrs Fisher for making props and sorting costumes and to Miss Walton for revising the script and songs!  It all worked perfectly!

We’re almost their…the children are all getting tired. Let’s get through the next few days together before we all enjoy a well deserved rest (?!) over Christmas.  Well done everybody!

Christmas Lunch!

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What an exciting lunch time…crackers, crowns and a delicious meal!

Children, Staff and Governors enjoyed a Christmas meal together.  So much fun!

The countdown to Christmas has begun!

Children In Need 2017

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We were all so excited to come to school ready to raise money for Children In Need.  Some of us were dressed in spots, some wearing our Pudsey ears and some of us even got our face painted with spots!

After lunch, Beech class joined the whole school in the hall where Mrs Thomas announced that we were lucky enough to have a very important visitor!

We could not believe it when who should walk into the hall…?

PUDSEY BEAR!  We were all so surprised and cheered so loudly it hurt the Teacher’s ears!

Mrs Thomas presented Pudsey with a big cheque for all the money that we had raised at school for Children In Need and she even gave Pudsey a big hug!

Afterwards, we all practiced ‘The Dab’.  Don’t we all look great!


Mrs Thomas even showed us how to ‘Dab’ with Pudsey Bear!  This made everyone cheer the loudest!

At the end, Pudsey had his photograph taken with the whole school!  We had so much fun with Pudsey and think he promotes such a wonderful charity helping to raise money for Children In Need!